Shopping at Walmart is an unpleasant experience

I just got back from Walmart and is that place a mess. The lines are so long they go into the merchandise and takes 30 minutes to check out. There are problems with checking out as well several people in front of me had trouble with merchandise being scanned and when I paid for my purchase I got the wrong amount of change. It was significantly wrong.

There is also the problem of too many shopping carts in the parking lot and not enough in the store. I usually don’t use a shopping cart, but I hate it when they bang into my vehicle. To help avoid this I usually need to park as far from the entrance as possible.

I am thinking I need to shop a little earlier and drive a little farther to avoid all the irritation that is shopping at Walmart.

Perhaps a good way to get the message across to management would be to have flash mobs throughout the county and in unison abandon products while standing in line and walk out of the store.

It’s kind of irritating that they are making huge profits while driving small businesses out of business and at the same time treating their customers badly.

Update September 14, 2012

I have been going back to Wallmart to get some photos of shopping carts that have hit cars. However, ever since I created my post I have seen Wallmart security gathering shopping carts as I park. So no photos of carts crashing into cars. But I will keep up my vigil for the good of the community.

I don’t know who to thank for the improved shopping cart policy, but if it is the attractive gal with the dark hear, she should get a rise and a promotion. I know she is the one I talked to when I decided to write the post in the first place. She is the manager who has also tried to be helpful whenever I bring up a problem that can only be corrected by management. In contrast there is a large male manager who seems quite indifferent to problems I have pointed out in the past. I have a hard time believing he would implement a new shopping cart policy.

If Wallmart doesn’t give this gal a raise I suggest one of the many companies in the City of Industry recruit her. I don’t know her education but she has a kind of raw talent that can’t be taught. Hire her and pay for her education, it will be a good investment.

Cart Crash Walmart
Cart Crash Walmart

New update, no security guard collecting cart on last visit and this is what you get

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O’Neal Pet Store New Puente Hills Mall Location

New Puente Hills Mall Location for O’Neal Pet Store in the City of Industry

O'Neal Pet Store Puente Hills Mall Location in the City of Industry
O’Neal Pet Store Puente Hills Mall Location in the City of Industry

I was visiting my friend at O’neal Pet Store in Puente Hills Mall and wanted to let everyone know they have moved from close to the AMC Theater and the food court to their new location by Round One. The new location is larger than the one they moved from.

I was visiting on a Monday so the bungee swing was closed. This allowed me to get some photos without any children in the shot. I posted those on the Puente Hills Mall video page.

If you are in the mall stop by and visit the pet store. When you visit the pet store you can also pick up information about my dog training. I’m hoping to have my Puppy Guide and Potty Training book done by September. When the book is available you should be able to get the code for a free edition at O’neal Pet Store. Just stop in and ask. I will post the availability of the Puppy Guide and Potty Training book on this site as well.

O'neal Pet Center New Puente Hills Mall Location
O’neal Pet Center New Puente Hills Mall Location


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Mini Recycle Center Hacienda Heights

Mini recycle center on Hacienda Boulevard in Hacienda Heights, CA

Me Recycling at von's mini recyclers
Me Recycling at Von’s mini recyclers

One problem with buying anything is getting rid of it latter on. I find this is especially true for glass and plastic. It’s kind of a pain and reminds me of living in the desert where we had to take our own trash to the dump. Every so often I need to load the truck up with all the containers I have bought over the month or months and go recycling.

Nexcycle on Hacienda Boulevard in Hacienda Heights, CA

Today I took my plastic and glass to the mini recycling center at the Vons shopping center. Yep this is the same center I trained the dog at yesterday.

Hours of operation, hmm I don’t know, but I did find out what days they are open and what days they are closed

This mini recycle center is closed on Monday and

Tuesday. Now that is useful information. I never like packing the truck full of trash only to come home and unpack.

Until next time have a happy life in the heights

The Recycle Weight In
The Recycle Weight In
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Quick trip around town

Went out to take care of a few things today and thought I would take some photos of the areas I visited. first I stopped by the Century 21 office by the 99 cent store and saw a lady giving away kittens so we have cute kitten pictures today.


Next I went to this place to see if they cut men’s hair. They were closed, so no new business for them.

hair cutters
hair cutters in Rowland Heights

The next stop was the supermarket to pick up some chili radishes I like.

SF Supermarket
SF Supermarket in Rowland Heights

Then I went to the bank where some young guy parked in the red so he would be close to the cash machine.

parked in red at bank
parked in red at bank
parked in red at bank
parked in red at bank

When I go to the bank I also try to go to the 99 Ranch Market to get noodles from Taiwan.

99 ranch market
99 ranch market in Hacienda Heights

One of the things I like about the Ranch 99 market is they have a lot of their announcements in Mandarin where many of the other stores use Cantonese.

Then it was time to get back home to take care of the dog.

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Puente Hills Mall Video

Here is a short video I did one day while I was visiting a friends store at Puente Hills Mall. While I was there I also went to the used book store. on the way to the bookstore I passed the bungee swings and the store train.

Bungee Swing at Puente Hills Mall
Bungee Swing at Puente Hills Mall
Bungee Swing City of Industry
Bungee Swing City of Industry

I love used book stores. They are becoming an endangered form of retail and need all the love they can get. Reading opens the mind to new ideas and trains the brain to function in a way that is unique to humans. Videos and websites are quite wonderful, but a good book has a magic of its own. I plan on doing many more videos of Puente Hills Mall. The mall is central to residential commerce in the area and makes a great place to gather with friends.

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May 10 Small Business Exchange

Asian Business Association May 10 Small Business Exchange

Asian Business Association 2012 Small Business Exchange actively promotes businesses in the local area. Come out meet and network with other business people. Harness the power of Metcaf’s law by growing your network.

Are you serious about growth? If so, then make the time to attend the Small Business Exchange where you can gather vital business information while meeting and networking with leading businesses.

  • Meet buyers in a 1-on-1 setting (see below)
  • Save time exchanging information with QR codes (Quick Response Code)
  • Showcase your company to hundreds

Why Register Early? Because pre-registering will insure you receive a name/QR code tag with information about Your Company. This is especially important if you are attending to network with the large corporations sourcing venders

Thursday, May 10, 2012
8:30 am to 12:00 noon
Pacific Palms Hotel & Conference Center

Pacific Palms Hotel & Conference Center
One Industry Hills Parkway
Industry, CA

Thursday, May 10, 2012 from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM (PT)


  • ABA Members:   FREE
  • Non-Members:   $20 pre-registration ($10 refund at event)
  • All Walk-Ins:   $20
  • Life In The Heights readers: FREE

When signing in at the event make sure to write Life In The Heights for where did you hear about the event?

How to register as a FREE Guest

To attend the Business Exchange start your Registration HERE

Then click Enter promotional codeSmall Business Exchange

Asian Business Association
Asian Business Association

as the promotional code
Select number of guests in Non-member section

Click Oder Now

You will have 15 minutes to Register

You can see at the top that attendance is discounted 100 percent that equals FREE

I look forward to seeing you at the May 10th Small Business Exchange.

Andrew Ledford

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